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Save Money When Buying A Car

Save money when buying a car

Are you thinking about buying a new or used car? Consider the following recommendations which may help you get a better price on your car at the dealership:

Evaluate Add-Ons

Have you been told about the great add-ons you can purchase for your vehicle ranging from a navigation system to an extended warranty. Consider which add-ons are necessary, and which may be taking extra money out of your pocket. Also, often add-ons can be purchased at a lower rate at another place besides the dealership.

Balance Total Cost and Monthly Car Payments

Dealerships will frequently lengthen your car’s loan term if you’re financing the car through them. While you may think you are still going with your monthly car payment budget in the end, the extended loan could increase the total price of the car by thousands.

Explore Every Option

In some situations, you might save cash by buying from a private seller. Call around and ask for rates before heading straight to the dealership lot.

Do you need money to buy a car? MDH Funding may be able to assist. Are you receiving long-term payments from a structured settlement after a lawsuit? Many of our customers choose to use the money they receive to make a large purchase, such as on a car.

Do you have a question about how your structured settlement can used for your car purchase? Contact one of our representatives today by calling 1-855-804-FUND (3863) or use the form below: